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Fund Texas Choice
1 nonprofit
Fund Texas Choice
About This Fund: For those who don’t have a car, we provide bus or plane tickets to the nearest clinic which can help you decide whether you can access an abortion, in any state. We work with clinics to offset fuel costs if a car is available for transportation. Any person driving several hours to an abortion clinic needs a place to stay before and after their procedure. Additionally, Texas law requires a 24-hour waiting period for anyone who chooses abortion. This means most abortion appointments are a minimum of 2-days long: one day for the consultation and a second for the procedure. Longer procedures can last as long as 5 days, not counting travel time. We book with friendly hotels vetted by our group or suggested by the clinic. You may have heard about the 6-week abortion ban that went into effect September 1, 2021. This law does not criminalize a person for obtaining an abortion. Rather, those who perform abortions or assist a person in obtaining an abortion after 6-weeks may face civil liability. Moreover, with the recent overturn of Roe v. Wade we fear. Texas laws against abortions with contine. Fund Texas Choice continues to serve pregnant people who are seeking abortion-related services and information in compliance with the law to the best of our understanding. About The Host Organization: Fund Texas Choice envisions a society in which abortion is embraced as healthcare and a human right. As a human right, abortion is equitably accessible across political, economic and social systems so that people have autonomous bodies and futures supported by powerful and vibrant communities.
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